The next big thing for

Healthcare Workers

to ensure fair remuneration.
Claim back your time, attention and energy. It's time to take care of doctors.


Time Tracking

Stop wasting efforts in tracking your time. Use our automated solution to track your work activity automatically.


Salary Assist

Your work must pay. Count your extra-hours. Estimate your salary. Get fairly paid for your work.



Understand where your time goes. Leverage intelligence to promote change.

Partner Associations

Successful closed circle alpha testing carried out in partnership with Délégation des Médecins Francophones en Formation (DeMeFF) helping us shape the platform based on actual insights and feedback from the participant doctors

Open Source

Collective Intelligence

Open source, Decentralized and Distributed. Support a global initiative serving common interest. Incentivize best practices in occupational management.

Technical forte

Versatile & Mobile

A full array of cloud-based cross-platform applications compatible with multiple devices. Secure data processing with a 100% consideration for data privacy/GDPR at every stage.

whitepaper submitted

Scientific Approach

We adopted an evidence-based approach to design our solution. Our white paper was submitted to peer-review. Finally, we are building open access data models for researchers to promote public health.

Governed by you

This is a truly Decentralized, Autonomous Organization serving the interests of doctors. The project will be governed by doctors using the application. There will be tokens issued to individual healthcare workers and partner Doctor Associations to direct the organization, ensuring users determine priorities and matters of great importance.

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